With less than five weeks to go to the Nov. 3 election, President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday will face off live on the same stage for the first of three debates, one that is sure to be dominated by the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court,... New York Post
VOA VIEW: Trump will eat Biden's lunch, if he shows up.
Mayor Bill de Blasio on Monday night said the city will look into whether President Trump has paid the correct amount of city taxes. “Our City Finance Department will get to work right away to determine if, in fact, the President of the United States cheated New York City on his taxes,” the mayor said... New York Post
VOA VIEW: De Blasio is an idiot.
Judge Amy Coney Barrett is a distinguished scholar whose judicial philosophy balances a commitment to originalism with a respect for precedent. Dire predictions circulate about the consequences of adding another conservative-leaning justice to the Supreme Court, but Barrett’s record suggests that she will do credit to the institution. Barrett has earned lavish praise from colleagues... New York Post
VOA VIEW: A good pick.


In its latest act of mercy for cop-killers, Gov. Cuomo’s Parole Board has voted to free Anthony Bottom. The old Black Liberation Army soldier gets to walk the streets in October, after four decades in prison. Back in 1971, Bottom and two others used a fake 911 call to lure Officers Joseph Piagentini and Waverly... New York Post
VOA VIEW: Cuomo is an idiot.
Democrats and their media allies are warning that putting Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court would doom the Affordable Care Act. They predict that tens of millions would be thrown off Medicaid and the sick would lose their “pre-existing-conditions” protections. This is fear mongering. Here’s a rundown of the false claims, with the facts... New York Post
VOA VIEW: The Dems are liars and fools.
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency chief Andrew Wheeler on Monday ridiculed California Gov. Gavin Newsom's plan to ban the sale of new gas-powered cars by 2035, saying the proposal raises "significant questions of legality." Last week, Newsom signed an executive order directing state regulators to come up with ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Newsom is an idiot.
Texas' largest county has been approving voter registrations even when people say they're not citizens, according to a lawsuit announced Monday that found some of those people managed to cast ballots, too. The Public Interest Legal Foundation says it uncovered dozens of examples of people who registered in Harris County ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Total madness.
Joseph R. Biden is expected to walk into a buzzsaw Tuesday when he climbs onto the stage for the first time to debate President Trump, and the way the Democratic presidential nominee responds could shape the contours of the race for the closing weeks of the campaign. ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Biden won't be able to deal with Trump.
Brett Hankison, the only officer to be indicted for the shooting that killed Breonna Taylor, pleaded not guilty to his charges. ABC
VOA VIEW: Makes sense.


President Donald Trump’s campaign committee and the Republican National Committee has sued to block North Carolina election officials from enforcing rule changes that could boost the number of ballots counted in the presidential battleground state ABC
VOA VIEW: As they should.
A judge is refusing to block a Republican-backed Iowa law that makes it harder for county officials to process absentee ballot applications and more likely that incomplete requests won't be fulfilled ABC
VOA VIEW: Good - voting is person is the best way.
The measure would include $600-per-week jobless benefit, $1,200 direct payments. ABC
VOA VIEW: A Dem foolish proposal.
As the global coronavirus death toll hits a grim milestone, the medical community has at least learned lessons from the losses. CBS
VOA VIEW: Sad - thanks China.

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Biden has pledged to dismantle the president's restrictive immigration policies. But former DHS officials say that could be a long and arduous effort. CBS
VOA VIEW: Liberal whining.
In a letter to her Democratic colleagues, Pelosi underscored the need for Democrats to expand their majority in the House and win control of state House delegations. CBS
VOA VIEW: Foolish comment.
The CDC recommends smaller dinners with people only living in the same household, or enjoying the holiday virtually. CBS


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's remarks come after The New York Times published a report Sunday claiming Trump has $421 million in debt. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Pelosi makes up crap.
The announcement brings Google Play's policies in line with Apple's App Store policies, which have come under fire from developers and regulators over several issues, including its own 30% cut. CNBC
VOA VIEW: All social media should be sanctioned and protection laws taken away.
If the presidential debate Tuesday results in a clear winner, there could be a much bigger market reaction than after past debates. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Biden will look like the fool he is.
Voters in swing states want President Trump and Joe Biden to use their first debate to offer clear answers on how they plan to improve the economy, while battling Covid-19 and racial inequality. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Trump will make Biden look inept.

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Stocks rose sharply on Monday as Wall Street built on strong gains from the previous session.  CNBC
A former finance manager for and two of her family members were charged on Monday with insider trading by the Securities and Exchange Commission, which accused the family of making $1.4 million from unlawful trading. CNN
VOA VIEW: Amazon must be cut in size.
A grand juror in the Breonna Taylor case is requesting the release of records and transcripts of the proceedings so "the truth may prevail" after the panel opted to indict just one of the three police officers involved in the botched drug raid that led to her death. FOX News

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Some Cleveland businesses aren't taking any chances ahead of Tuesday's first presidential debate and have started boarding up over concerns of possible unrest that has gripped the country in recent months, coupled with a contentious election.  FOX News
VOA VIEW: Liberals are a danger to all.
The Trump administration introduced a plan Monday to ship 100 million rapid COVID-19 tests to states by the end of the year, encouraging governors to use them to reopen schools. UPI
Federal intelligence agencies issued a warning Monday that "foreign agents" and cyber criminals were amping up inaccurate claims that U.S. voter databases have been hacked. UPI
VOA VIEW: Liberal propaganda.
The United Airlines pilot union members voted to approve an agreement with airline management that would cancel almost 3,000 previously announced furloughs, the union said Monday. UPI
Two Democratic lawmakers on Monday demanded that Facebook do more to counter its use by right-wing militia and White supremacist groups to organize voter suppression efforts and spread misinformation. UPI
VOA VIEW: Facebook is supporting and hoping for a Biden win.
Apple and Epic Games head to court in California Monday to begin a legal battle that experts say could lead to a landmark decision reshaping the relationships between app stores and developers. UPI

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